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GD-66 high precision milling cutter grinding machine
GD-66 milling cutter grinding machineThe grinding is smooth and stable The advanced air bearing suspension design



GD-66 milling cutter grinding machine
The grinding is smooth and stable. The advanced air bearing suspension design allows the spindle to rotate freely after pressurization, with low friction, high precision and long service life. It can sharpen 2, 3, 4, 6 groove high-speed steel milling cutters, end cutting edges and spiral cutting edges of cemented carbide milling cutters. Operating time: Under normal circumstances, a 12mm diameter 2-slot milling cutter can be sharpened within 2 minutes (including the set time).
  The sharpening machine adopts an open layout structure, which increases the range of operation and enlarges the grinding range. It can grind the rake angle, the back angle and the cutting edge of the milling cutter, reamer, and drill bit. It can be replaced by different accessories. Grinding of guiding edges such as ball end mills and taps. The main parts of the sharpener are made of high-quality aluminum casting, which has the advantages of light weight, shock absorption and corrosion resistance. The sharpener adopts the international advanced air pressure suspension technology, and the spindle rotates flexibly after pressurization, which minimizes friction. Greatly increase its service life.
1. It can sharpen 2, 3, 4, 6-edge high-speed steel milling cutters, and the end edge and thread edge of cemented carbide milling cutters.
2. Sharpening range: shank diameter 3-28mm
3. Transverse stroke of worktable: 115mm
4. Longitudinal stroke of worktable: 60mm
5. Worktable feed scale: 0.02mm
6. Angle adjustment range of grinding head: +35°-5°
7. Air bearing adjustment range: 360°
8. Bowl type grinding wheel (maximum): 125*50*32
9. Use air pressure: ≥0.63mp
10. Motor: 220V/380V 0.25KW 50HZ /2800rpm
11. Packing size length * width * height (mm): 770x700x600
12. Gross weight: 120KG